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I purchased a $5000 wall bed unit for $3100. The 1st year the bed face panel broke, it was replaced.

Then it broke again. I just let it go. At a social gathering I spoke to a woman that works for Closet Factory and she said to have it fixed as it is a life time warranty. On Christmas Day while raising the bed into the upright position the spring mechanism broke.

The Closet Factory told me when I purchases the bed it had a lifetime warranty on the spring mechanism, but not the cabinet. Now they say it was only one year and is no longer covered.

Closet Factory is not truthful with their customers, will not honor warranties and their products are inferior. Be aware and do not purchase from them.

Monetary Loss: $3100.

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Portland, Oregon, United States #593549

This client purchased a wall bed floor model sample and had us install it in his garage in Late 2008. The Murphy style wall bed requires that the leg be rotated when lowering the bed into position. This is reviewed with all clients at the point of purchase and again at installation. If the leg is not lowered and the bed is pushed past the 90 degree (horizontal position) the front corners of the bed face will break. It is made clear that this is not covered in the warranty.

As this client pointed out, this type of damage happened in early 2009, and though this is not covered in the warranty, as a matter of good faith, we repaired the wall bed and replaced the bed face at our cost. We also made it very clear that the warranty does not cover improper use and operation, and any further damage like this would not be covered.

As this client again pointed out, the bed was again lowered improperly and the bed face broke for a second time. This time ( as he states above), he did not call for us to fix as he knew that it was not covered under any warranty. However, this neglected damage resulted in additional stress on the mechanics which failed at the beginning of this year (4 years later).

The Murphy bed warranty is 3 years parts and labor (posted very clearly on our Wall beds of Oregon website ( since August of 2008 (prior to the purchase). We have never offered a life time warranty on mechanical systems, especially when operating them improperly can result in damage. This floor model was two years old when it was purchased "as is". The mechanics and wall bed were installed properly and the improper operation of the wall bed caused these problems to occur. We have several thousand of these beds installed throughout the Greater Portland Oregon area, and when operated properly, they provide decades use.

When the client called to discuss this with one of the owners, he was belligerent from the beginning, wanted to know how much it would cost to fix, and he was told a new mechanism and wall bed face would be approximately $1,000 he called us "rip off" and hung up. Then he proceeded to post negative comments like this on the web.

So as an owner of this company, I am responding with the facts. We have installed over 30,000 project spaces between our two Companies (Closet Factory and our subsidiary company, Wall Beds of Oregon), without any

complaints. We're not perfect, no one is, but we work hard to satisfy our clients, and go well beyond any warranty to make people happy (as we clearly did here with his original service). Its sad the people resort to this type of trash talk about Companies that have gone out of their way to satisfy their clients.

Respectfully submitted by:

Dan Grandon

President and CEO

Closet Factory and Wall Beds of Oregon

19824 SW Teton Avenue

Tualatin, OR 97062

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